Full service

Stellar Violets

A Western Australian charity facilitating human connection with nature.

Services Delivered

UX + UI / Web Dev / SEO / Content Strat / CRM / WooCommerce / Onboarding Portals / API + Webhook Management / Data Capture + Managment 

Project Summary

Identify, build and integrate platforms which automates tasks and creates a cohesive system of workflow systems. 

Client Overview

After establishment in 2012 and having distilled its vision, the time came to merge the physical world, Dreamtime and cyberspace.

Stellar Violets needs content stratgies and digital plaforms that services the whole team and lightens the work load of growth. A major driver for the digital expansion is to streamline the ability to accept and process donations while broadening brand awareness. 

Key Challenges

Limited human resources. Produce high quality content for niches. Team training in using automated systems like SalesForce and WordPress. A centralised website to serve as a portal for workflow processes for a remote team.

Dev Process

Mixed approach of Agile and ad hoc IT support. 


“Thanks to Cloud ArchiTech we have reviewed, consolidated, updated, enhanced and optimised our digital assets and systems. We’re consequently positioned strongly for a new phase of organisational development and growth.”

–Lucinda Giblett


WordPres CMS / SalesForce CRM / Google Workspace / MailChimp Newsletter  / Slack / WooCommerce / Zapier / Canva / Amazon & Apple Books

JavaScript / CSS /  HTML / PHP