Full Service

Slow Food Melbourne

Non-Profit connecting people and food through community events and farmers’ markets.

Services Delivered

Logo Redesign / Brand Repositioning / UX + UI / Web Dev / Content Strat / Social Media SEO / Social Media Content Dev & Managment / Stakeholder Realtions / Market & Event Management / Business Development

Project Summary

Identify new growth opportunities. Identify core market. Rebrand to meet expectations of clientele. Develop and execute omnichannel content strategies. Relocate Farmers’ Market.

Client Overview

The Slow Food Melbourne Farmers’ Market was established at the Abbotsford Convent in 2005 as a community response to activitating the site after its tragic past.

Then the time came to find a new opportunities and relocate the farmers’ market.

In addition to proving technical services, Cloud ArchiTech was taksed with managing strategic stakholder engagement, public relations and repositioning and growing the Slow Food Melbourne brand and operations.

Key Challenges

Finding a suitable location to host a farmers’ market of 50+ stallholders.
Finding a suitable second location to host a  40+ stallholder farmers’ market.
Rebranding and repositioning the brand, without alienting loyal following. All while Covid-19 Restrictions are in place.

Dev Process

Integrated managment and full suite of digital se communication services


Relocation of market. Establishment of new market. Doubling stallholder attendence. Growth of social media following and engagement. Developing industry standard Covid-19 Protocols and Practices.


WordPress / Google Workspace / Slack / Canva / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

JavaScript / CSS /  HTML / PHP